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Diy Loft Conversion by Loft Conversions Warrington

A loft conversion is an ideal way to gain more space even if you are on a budget. Unless you're willing to pay for loft conversions by skilled draughtsman, it's probably sensible for you to employ the services of a professional plasterer but the job can be done DIY if you really want to. Extensions normally increase the heat load requirement of a house and so the boiler has to be upgraded, but a loft conversion may require little extra capacity as the space will be well insulated and can actually improve the overall energy efficiency of the house.

Loft Conversions Warrington Will Need To Ensure Saftey During Work Carried Out

Loft Conversions Warrington can tell you that any new habitable rooms in your loft conversion will need to be ventilated.

Before going too far into planning your loft conversion project, we suggest you carry out a brief survey that checks things like access, fire safety and mains access. Existing doors on the stairway (ground and first floor) should be replaced with fire-resistant doors or upgraded and this should be indicated on your loft conversion drawings for building control.

Types Of Warrington, Cheshire Loft Conversions

Internal loft conversions are usually the cheapest option and require minimum building intervention. With an L-Shaped conversion the two dormers meet to form a right angled 'L'shape (how this type of conversion came to be named).

The costs involved in a loft conversion are varied but Loft Conversions Warrington can give you an accurate quote before starting any work. The average dormer loft conversion from Loft Conversions Warrington that comes with a double bedroom and en suite costs about £35,000 – £45,000.

Warrington, Cheshire Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions Warrington can help you find out more about whether you'll need planning permission and any other permissions you might need. We suggest that you appoint a specialist loft conversion company like Loft Conversions Warrington before you even start your project.

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